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Using every inch of obtainable space, the island in this small kitchen houses a slide-in range and presents significant work surfaces, storage, plus a breakfast bar. A hanging pot rack features a trendy storage option for large cookware.

A navy blue linen roman blind adds additional texture and delivers a putting backdrop to the Original BTC pendant lights over the sink. It’s a light-filled and inviting loved ones kitchen that combines functional ease with traditional comforts.

In yet another shot from the above-mention renovated 1912 Craftsman-style home, we see the power of gray and white, in addition to contemporary prospers. Note the modern artwork, together with the acrylic lamp on the beside table… [from Apartment Therapy]

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small storage for along the side of the house, outdoor living, shelving ideas, storage ideas, A small but attractive shed established along the more info side of a house With some shelves it can store a great deal all with easy obtain Will also be placed next to some fence

Stone walls contribute on the shed's New England taste and provide a sense of enclosure and privacy.

It’s really hard not to like the Craftsman style, isn’t it?! There’s something warm and inviting about a Craftsman home that celebrates simple varieties and a true appreciation with the building materials.

This kitchen really works for me. It’s the vintage lighting, the crisp green chairs with the wooden floors and the white wall. All lit perfectly by that great large window.

that thoughtfully mirror the history of the original structure. And when it comes to the decor, you’ll see a range of styles, from traditional accents to dazzling, modern updates. How would you decorate a Craftsman-style home? Don’t ignore to leave a comment at the conclusion of the write-up…

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“A buddy of mine insists that those who are in yellow houses are happier. For a more traditional look, check out a dark green about the trim. For just a less traditional accent color, we similar to a dark crimson.”

Every aspect has long been assumed out in this space, from the tender grey walls for the marble table. The gallery wall of Old Masters looks great but I could be tempted to swap them for contemporary pop-art to add some colour into the space and tie in to the Mid-Century seating.

Reminiscent with the basic outhouse, this small-space shed features a jaunty roof of recycled corrugated metal. Inside hand tools are lined up against the walls. Small sheds are like outdoor closets and can store something you might need to employ while in the yard, like tools, hoses, or pool substances.

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